Activities for 3-7 years (Payable)

Join one of our activities at extra charge below and we keep your children! Please check the activity times and sign up in Holiday Planner. Payment upon check out at Help Desk.

Adventure Games

Different and fun Adventures Games in Lollo & Bernie’s Mini Land every week. Why not join Lollo & Bernie’s very own Birthday Party, perform at their Mini Circus, become Super Heroes or join an exciting Treasure Hunt?

During these activities, our Mini Land team will take care of the children for 1.5 hours. Fruit, snacks and something to drink will be provided for the children. Please inform about allergies when booking.
* Please note: spaces are limited and registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Lollo or Bernie’s Birthday Party

Come and celebrate Lollo or Bernie’s birthday with us when they turn a year older! What a better way to celebrate a birthday than to throw a surprise party with birthday gifts, songs, dance and games.

Lollo’s Safari

Did you know that Lollo comes from Africa?
During this activity we will go out on an exciting safari adventure where we will get to know all of Lollo’s animal friends. We will also learn more about Lollo’s heritage and how she ended up at this hotel.

Bernie’s Hiking Trip

Did you know that Bernie comes from the deep forest in the north?
During this activity we will go out on an exciting forest adventure where we will get to know all of Bernie’s animal friends. We will also learn more about Bernie’s heritage and how he ended up at this hotel.

Lollo or Bernie’s Treasure Hunt

Come and search for the hidden treasure. Where do you think it is? It will be fun and exciting as we go on a treasure hunt around the hotel, looking for the lost treasure.

Bernie’s Laboratory

Join us on an adventure where we are helping Bernie with his exciting experiments.

Lollo or Bernie’s Mini Police

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a police? Come and join the Mini Land Police Academy for a day. Different games and tasks will test us and make sure we are up for the job of being a police at the hotel. Maybe we will find a thief or someone in need of our help?

Lollo or Bernie’s Mini Doctors

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a doctor? During this activity you will get the chance to become one. Together with the Mini Land team, you will get out on an adventure, that will test your medical skills.

Lollo or Bernie’s Super Heroes

Discover your super hero powers in Mini Land. Masked and ready for adventure, we help people in need with use of our secret powers to make sure that everything is okay at the hotel.

Lollo or Bernie’s Adventure

Join us for an exciting adventure around the hotel!  
To find out what kind of adventure we will have this time, ask the Mini Land team. Only your imagination will set the limits!

Lollo or Bernie’s Mini Rock Stars

It’s rock o'clock! Join the Mini Land Band in their search of the missing microphone, the lost band member or other mysterious kind of rock request.

Lollo or Bernie’s Mini Circus

Have you ever dreamt of joining the circus? Here is you chance!  Be a part of the amazing performances filled with laughter and fun in Circus Mini Land.

Disco Night

Its Disco Night! We will start the night with pizza or hamburgers. Bring a big smile, your best dace moves and join us for a night filled with fun!

Spooky Night

Do you believe in ghosts?  Well, everyone else at the hotel will, after we are done with this adventure! We dress up as ghosts, tell spooky stories, eat pizza and end the night by going around the hotel area scaring everyone that comes in our way, especially the grown ups.

Cozy Night

It’s time to get those cozy clothes on and crawl up in the sofa!
Bring a big smile and join us for an evening filled with cozy activities. We will watch a cozy movie, play lots of games, eat pizza and popcorn together. 

Backwards Dinner

A cozy dinner where everything is turned upside down and done backwards while we eat together and plays funny games.

T-Shirt Painting

Let the creativity flow and paint your own T-shirt, which is also a nice memory to bring home from the holiday! Parents need to be present to assist their children during this activity.