Swim School

Children having a holiday with us can learn to swim by joining the swim school at the hotel! 

• Pre-book from home or make a reservation upon arrival at the hotel, subject to availability. 
• A medal will be awarded to participants who complete the swim school course.
• Three levels with five lessons per week available. For exact dates, please contact the Help Desk. 
• Minimum age: 4 years

Swim as a Mermaid

Learn how to become one of the coolest creatures of the sea! Come and swim as a mermaid with a tailfin in the pool. Try this exciting adventure on your own or bring a friend.

 Entry requirements: Swim 25 m, dive and jump in a deep pool 
Number of lesson: 1 (45 minutes)

Swim School Level 1: From 4 Years Old

This is a kids' activity that aims at getting children used to being in and enjoying water through playful and varied games, playing with water toys and various easy tasks in the water.

The combination of group dynamics, playfulness and skilled teachers usually results in all children becoming accustomed to being in the water. Our goal is to get your children floating on back and stomach without buoyancy aids and knowing the basics of both leg and arm strokes.

 No entry requirements.
Number of lessons: 5 (40 minutes each)

Swim School Level 2: From 5 Years Old

This swim school is for children who are already used to being in the water. The lessons are adapted to the children’s’ abilities.

We mix games with group exercises and individual practice. Whilst playing, we practice arm and leg strokes. We emphasize leg strokes as they are essential to both breast and back stroke.

Once leg strokes are mastered, we add arm strokes and suddenly, they can swim ”for real”. For those children who already knows how to swim a little bit, we continue practicing technique, aiming towards being able to swim even longer distances.

Entry requirements: Having passed part 1, i.e. being comfortable in the water without buoyancy aids and being able to float on back and stomach unaided.
Number of lessons: 5 (40 minutes each)

Personal Swimming Lessons: From 4 Years Old

Swimming lessons adapted to your personal needs. It could be basics in crawling or fine tuning techniques for those that already know the basics.

Together with your personal swimming teacher you set the agenda, whereupon the teacher will arrange lessons for you to reach your individual goals.

Our private swimming teachers can also be employed for children needing extra practice to develop their swimming abilities.

Number of lesson: 1 (45 minutes)

Crawl Beginner: From 12 Years Old

From and over 12 years old? Join our swim school which suits both teens and adults!

You will receive basic crawl training by our professional instructors. The aim is to being able to crawl at least 25 meters with breathing.

We focus on basic techniques focusing on proper arm strokes, kicks, improving body position in the water, find the right buoyancy and other basic breathing techniques.

Entry requirement: Being able to swim at least 200 m breaststroke in deep water
Number of lessons: 3 (45 minutes each)