TV information

Below is a list of available TV channels in the hotel. No specific number is given as they alternative places as per supplier.

For other channels than below, please contact help desk for suggestion of where you might find the channel which you are looking for.

Language Channel name
Thai DC Channel
Thai DC Variety
TH/EN Movie 24 Hr.
English Special Movie
English LOTUS Movie
English SYFY Movie
English Universal
Thai Thai TV 3
Thai Thai TV 5
Thai Thai TV 7
Thai Thai TV 9
Thai NBT
Thai Nation Channel
Thai Swannabhumi
Thai T News
Thai TNN
English Astro Supersports 2
English G Golf
English Euro Sport
Thai T-Sport
Thai SMMTV (Sport & Variety)
Thai Boommerrang
English Kidsco
Thai Cartoon Club
Thai Gang Cartoon
Russia CTC
Russia Russia Phuket TV
Thai GMM Sport Extra
English GMM Sport One
Thai Club Channel
Thai Nat Geo Wild
Thai Next Step
Thai Media Channel
Thai K Channel
Thai Travel Channel
Thai CI Channel
English SONY
English ITV Granada
English Fox News
English AL Jazeera
Japan NHK
Korea KBS 
German DW-TV
France France 24
English BBC World News
France TV 5 Monde
Saudi Saudi
Australia Australia Network
India Zee Music
English Channel News Asia
Italia RA
English Bloomberg
Indonesia Tran TV
China CCTV-4
Thai TV Muslim
English DMC
Thai Channel V
English Music Life Stlye
English Fashion TV
Thai Bang Channel
Thai Thai Chiyo
Thai Hit Channel
Thai You Channel
Thai Sabaidee TV
Thai Green Channel
Thai Fan TV
Thai Saranair
Thai Yateem TV
Russia PTP
Thai Act Channel
Thai Play Channel
Thai Work Point
Mtanmar MRTV 4
Thai Warner
Thai Money Channel
Thai TV Pool Channel
Thai M Channel
Thai Blue Sky
Thai Miracle Channel
Thai 8 Infinity
Thai LAO Star
Thai Study TV