Family Shows

After a nice day in the sun, it is time for the evening entertainment at Sunwing Family Resorts. Four days a week, our own show team presents a fun and enjoyable show for the whole family.

See the Holiday Planner for specific show program and times.

Abba Fusion

Voulez Vous? Mamma Mia, this evening you will be Under Attack by ABBA but Honey Honey we know, People Need Love so just Ring Ring and bring your loved ones.

The Winner Takes It All in the Summer Night City where Fernando will make you recall Our Last Summer with Kisses of Fire.
When All Is Said And Done – we are sure this evening has been Super Trouper!

In Name Of Love - New!

Love, friendship, compassion and equality is behind the choice of the songs for this show. A nice blend for the whole family with everything from Scandinavian songs to a finale with world famous DJ-hits.

Cinderella A Musical Story - New!

The classic Cinderella fairytale in a modern version with a twist and performed with pop, rock and songs from musicals.

Holiday Road

The sun is high up in the sky without a single cloud in site. Imagine you’re among family and friends on a journey starting on a beach in the 60s.  
We will travel to Italy and visit an Italian restaurant kitchen, feel the fresh summer breeze in the Nordic Countries, and at the end you are all joining our After Ski in the Alps.
We hope to give you another happy holiday memory to bring along on Your ‘Holiday Road’!

Rock Candy

A goodie bag of rock songs in a colorful blend. Let´s go for some attitude in Schools Out, feel the girl-power in Girls Rock and then just enjoy or some Slick´n´Smooth favorites before we end up with the Candy Rock Finale.